There’s An App for That

Want to access your tax and accounting documents from your mobile device?  There is an app for that:  NetClient CS 





Changes Are Coming

We just got back from our software Users’ Conference. Changes are coming soon!


Getting Started With Web Access

You have logged into your Secure Online Access…Now What?


Trying to figure out how to send us files securely?

Access the File Exchange Overview and other helpful information by first selecting “File Exchange” under “Documents” on the left, and then clicking on “Help” located in the upper right hand corner.

For those of us that prefer to read step-by-step instructions, view Using Client Web Access and Upload Documents.

To view a video on using your web account, click here.



We’re Goin’ Green

cfd Accounting is Going Green!

We encourage you to e-mail, fax, or try our new secure online access* to get  your tax information to us. We would like to have your information a minimum of 30 days prior to the deadline.

Visit our new website at to request online access or to download forms. If you prefer to have an organizer, please call and one will be prepared for you to be e-mailed, mailed, faxed, or uploaded to your portal.

Please include the following Items with your tax information package:

  • Tax data sheet and Engagement Letter that needs to be Signed (which can be found on the web site in the forms menu ).
  • Current Phone Number, Social Security Numbers, and Birth Dates on all individuals.
  • Notices or/and correspondence with the IRS or INDOR during the year.
  • All W-2’s, 1099’s, K-1’s and other tax information forms.
  • Summary of all income and expenses not recorded on the Tax Data Sheet.
  • E-mail Address.

*If interested in secure online access to your tax returns and other documents, please call us for more information.