Getting Ready to File Your Tax Return: Health Coverage Exemptions and Payments

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Ready to file your ‪#‎tax‬ return? Find out more about ‪#‎HealthCare‬ coverage exemptions & payments ‪#‎IRS‬



Your Tax Refund May Take Longer, but at Least You’ll Get It

IRS Delays Refunds to Prevent Theft

Have plans for your refund? They may need to be delayed for a little while. Your Tax Refund May Take Longer, but at Least You’ll Get It



IRS Announces 2016 Pension Plan Limitations

2016 Pension Plan Limitations

#‎401k‬ contribution limit ($18k) to remain unchanged in 2016. Other cost-of-living dollar adjustments are included in  article. #‎IRS‬


Tax Provisions Extended

Many Tax Provisions Now Made Permanent

Congress has extended several tax provisions and even made some like the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Credit, and Section 179 Depreciation permanent.



FUTA Credit Reductions

Employers Will Pay Lower FUTA Taxes

Great news for Indiana and Kentucky employers! FUTA taxes will be lower.




Year-End Is Here

The New Year is Almost Upon Us, Time for 2015 Tax Planning

It’s that time of year again–Tax Planning Time. Call or visit our website now to make an appointment. Many mistakes can be fixed, but it they must be corrected before December 31!

Last-Minute Tax-Planning Strategies


Safeguard Your Refund

Concerned About Refund Theft?

To beat crooks to your tax refund, start taxes now.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s some tips to keep in mind before you go shopping on Black Friday!

Holiday Shopping: A Cautionary Tale

‪#‎blackfriday‬ ‪#‎happythanksgiving‬


What’s New for 2015

2015 Tax Changes You Should Know

Mileage Rates
Per Mile 2014 2015
Business 56 cents 57.5 cents
Medical/Moving 23.5 cents 23 cents
Charitable 14 cents 14 cents

Retirement Plan Contributions
Max Contribution
Catch Up
401(k) $18,000 $6,000 (over 50)
SIMPLE IRA $12,500 $3,000 (over 50)
Traditional IRA $ 5,500 $1,000 (over 50)

HSA Contribution Limits

Single $3,350 ($1,000 catch up over 55)

Family $6,650 ($1,000 catch up over 55)

Gift Tax Exclusion

Remains unchanged at $14,000 per person

Social Security Wage

Limit increased to $118,500

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