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Video Series

Tax Cut & Jobs Act ’17


The New Form

Tax Brackets, Deductions and Exemptions

Itemized Deductions You Need to Know Part 1

Itemized Deductions You Need to Know Part 2

Business Changes


Links You May Find Helpful

IRS – Many great tax resources including: various tax forms, frequently asked questions, check status of amended return, apply for an EIN online, make a payment via EFTPS, etc.

Indiana Department of Revenue – Another great tax resource for Indiana residents or those with Indiana nexus.  Site includes:  various tax forms, information on tax credits, deductions, and tax rates, register for Sales or Withholding Tax, and get answers to many frequently asked questions.

Indiana DOR ePay – Make an Indiana estimated tax payment, check tax payment history for current year.

Indiana Secretary of State – Form a new business, file an Entity Report, or even verify a business is registered to do business in Indiana.

Social Security Administration – The SSA administers retirement, Medicare, disability, and other benefits.

US Small Business Association – Programs and services to help you small business start, grow, and succeed.

US Department of Labor – Information and forms on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator – Provides estimate of insurance premiums and premium assistance credits from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Affordable Care Act Penalty Calculator – Calculate penalty for not having health care coverage.

College Choice 529 Plan – Open a new account or access your existing Indiana 529 Plan.